Quantum Health is a Modern, Holistic, Health and Healing Science

It is the technological application of the science of quantum physics to health and healing. The twentieth century was the age of atomic physics. This century is the age of quantum physics. Computer scanning for better health is the brainchild of quantum physics.


Bio-Feedback is a non-invasive therapeuthic technology that energetically scans and harmonises the body’s stresses and imbalances. It returns your body to health and harmony by reducing the stressors that cause disease.

Excess stress is the pathway to disease. The stress can come from many sources, such as toxicity, trauma, pathogens, mental factors, perverse energy, allergies, hereditary, habits, deficiencies etc. As the stress continues, the disease progresses. Dr Hans Selye showed the world a medicine based on stress reduction and stress control. Stress starts by producing an alarm response in the body, which will provoke symptoms. If the stress continues, the body will go into an adaptation stage, which is symptom free. A LACK OF SYMPTOMS IS NOT A SIGN OF PERFECT HEALTH! The patient can have deep disease and be symptom free.

The SCIO/QXCI system is a computer program with specific software designed to analyse and treat stress. Each cell in the body operates at certain frequencies. Our cells network together to keep our body in harmony. Stress produces erratic vibrations that lead to disharmony, followed by injury and disease.

Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites all have resonant frequencies. We actively interact with frequencies all the time. Sound and colour have frequencies and we experience changes in our moods, emotions and our physical body as different frequencies push against us.

Since most diseases are caused by stress of one kind or another, the SCIO/QXCI is designed to energetically scan and harmonise the body’s stress and imbalances and giving immediate feedback on such things as deficiencies, toxic allergens, hormones, emotions, etc.

The SCIO/QXCI stimulates the body toward its own state of homeostasis or balance, which is naturally followed by good health.

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